Australian Chinese Age (ACA) Newspaper Group is one of the largest Chinese newspaper groups in Australia. The group is established in 1995 by Mr. Han who has been involved in the publishing industry for more than 20 years. The main publication is <Australian Chinese Age> which carries general information of community news, current affairs, and general living information to Chinese community. ACA keeps our readers in touch with their local Chinese communities by informing the local news and event in Chinese.


As the more Chinese migrations come to Australia, the demand of information is increasing, the original <Australian Chinese Age> has extended to 5 different titles as guideline in different categories. They are: <Australian Chinese Age Main Issue>, <ACA Property Weekly>, <ACA Education Weekly>, <ACA Entertainment Weekly>, and <ACA Auto weekly>. Also after one decade successfully running, our Sydney branch had firmed in 2006 with 3 publications: <Chinese Sydney Weekly>, <Chinese Sydney Property Weekly>, <Chinese Sydney Entertainment Weekly>. For advertisers, who attend to develop their Chinese market, there is not a better way to get in touch with the potential clients than ACA newspapers.


ACA has the experience and resources to create exceptional products for our readers and advertisers. The ACA brand now represents one of the most respected and most recognisable faces of Chinese Community. Our goal is to produce the quality local Chinese newspaper for our audiences, the best choice for advertisers who want to develop their business to Chinese market in both Melbourne and Sydney.