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Jimboomba Beauty! 10 ACRES with a Boutique Vineyard Jimboomba瑰寶!10英畝精美葡萄園
  • Jimboomba Beauty! 10 ACRES with a Boutique Vineyard Jimboomba瑰寶!10英畝精美葡萄園

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Jimboomba Beauty! 10 ACRES with a Boutique Vineyard Jimboomba瑰寶!10英畝精美葡萄園
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位置 Jimboomba QLD, Australia
类型 商业物业

AUD 800,000+

Jimboomba QLD, Australia Property No. 010879



Dennis Kerr

  • Dennis Kerr

    0447 616 214


- 10 Acres of vacant land with no easements and this superb property will never flood.

- Owner keeps the five star property in immaculate condition.

- There is two excellent hand built and secure locked sheds both with concrete floors. Power and lights are connected and used in both sheds.

- This great property has a north facing vineyard (growing red grapes) with a gently sloping land down to the back of the property and you can walk around it easily. The vineyard is fully netted and irrigated from a large dam or bore water can also be used if needed, plus town water is available for connection right outside the front gate if desired. Four good rainwater tanks can also be used.

- This magnificent property is fully fenced and kept to a high standard with no noxious weeds (such as Lantana) and the grassed areas surrounding the vineyard and sheds are kept in immaculate condition. There’s also an area where you can practice your golf putting.

- The soils have been improved with organic manures and no chemical fertilizers have been used, thus there are improved established pastures such as kikuyu, phalaris, paspalum and Rhodes grasses.

- There is an excellent well managed firebreak right around the whole property and you can also drive right around the whole property.

- There are fruit trees to harvest, plus cherry tomatoes which thrive on the property.

- There is plenty of firewood to use for your wood heater (you will never have to buy firewood again) plus a huge well maintained firepit at the back of the property which is well away from any neighbours. 

- There is very good mobile and Internet reception on the property.

- A brand new seven eleven service station has just opened up the road.

- All the hard work has been done by the smart owner who has magnificently set this property up from nothing to what it is today and the owner now wants to retire, enjoy life and to travel around the world. Or you have to do is some mowing to maintain this beautiful property and if want to you can build your dream home or hold onto it for a great future investment.

The property is quite special as it is set against a nice well maintained remnant forest. So whether you are seeking a lifestyle opportunity then you should not go past this property.

Phone enquiries - please quote property ID 19179

  • 10英畝超大空地,無地役權,無洪水隱患
  • 五星級完美物業,經業主精心維護,現狀良好
  • 兩間帶鎖棚屋安全寬敞,水泥地面。燈和電均已連通
  • 朝北葡萄園(結紅葡萄),背面有緩緩斜坡。葡萄園全面布網,用大型水壩的水進行灌溉(必要時也可用地下水),前門外也可以連接使用市政供水,還可以使用四個雨水箱。
  • 全柵欄圍護,無有害雜草(如馬纓丹),環繞葡萄園和棚屋的草地精美整潔。還有一塊區域可以用於練習高爾夫球
  • 土壤施用有機肥料,從未使用過化學肥料,故此處有高品質的牧草,如狼尾草,虉草,百喜草,非洲虎尾草等。
  • 整個物業周圍環繞著精心打理的防火帶,亦可駕車環繞整個物業
  • 眾多果樹可供摘采,另種有大量櫻桃小番茄
  • 有大量柴火可供壁爐使用,還有一個維護良好的火坑,遠離周鄰
  • 手機和網絡信號接收良好
  • 路邊新開張7-11服務站
  • 所有繁複工作均已完成,精明的業主將此地從無到有地進行了完美的建設經營。業主意欲退休,環遊世界。你可在此地建築夢想之家,或者用於未來投資。




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